Used Honda Civic for sale

Originally a subcompact car, the Honda Civic has grown in size and stature over the years and has been in production since 1972, making it one of the most popular cars Honda has ever produced. In its tenth generation, the latest Honda Civic shows sporty styling lines, aerodynamic wing designs and a distinctly more sedan focussed body shape than previous models.

Lower to the ground and longer in length than its predecessors, the Honda Civic is now competing with other sports compact variants such as the Volkswagen Golf or Ford Mondeo. The Honda Civic handles well around the town and the engine provides a smooth and quiet drive most of the time.

Aimed at younger audiences, the Honda Civic differs than the likes of the Jazz in that the car has been lowered for a much lower but more sports-feel driving position. Where Honda have focused on creating a sporty sedan car, they haven’t forgotten all the things that make Honda cars great. Across the range of Honda Civic generations, comfort has always been paramount. Build quality remains in line with what you would expect from one of the worlds most tested and reputable car manufacturers.

Honda Civics make excellent used cars as they have the sporty looks and feel of a more expensive car but the reliability and affordability to go with it. The latest Honda Civic, when sold new, comes with a three-year/90,000 mile warranty ensuring that if you’re lucky enough to buy one with sub-90k miles on the clock, the vast majority of the equipment is still likely to be covered under warranty.