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The innovative low-entry concept.

An innovative special-purpose truck that combines versatility, ergonomics and convenience like virtually no other commercial vehicle – the Econic is in a class of its own. Its unique low-entry concept coupled with top quality from Mercedes-Benz means this is a vehicle that provides just what you need: comfort, efficiency, environmental compatibility and uncompromising commitment. Day in, day out.

Specialist tasks are the norm for the Econic -whether used as a refuse collection or recycling vehicle, for road maintenance or as a fire appliance, for inner city distribution or airside duties, the Econic proves to be a versatile ally.

Another benefit of choosing the Econic – Western Commercial's outstanding level of after sales service support.

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Mercedes-Benz Econic

The Mercedes-Benz Atego, Econic, Antos

The New Econic.

Progress starts with one step: the Econic concept.


The Econic is available with a choice of extremely fuel efficient Euro VI engines, with power outputs of 220kW (299hp) or 260kW (354hp). With fuel consumption reductions of up to 4%, and AdBlue consumption up to 40% lower, the engines are designed from the ground up for economy, as well as offering the cleanliness demanded by our – and your customers. Massively reduced particulate and NOx emissions are standard – as is lower CO2.


The Econic offers a height adjustable steering wheel, Air-sprung seat for the driver and individual crew seats for an outstanding level of ergonomic workplace comfort.


An Allison 6-speed automatic transmission with new Eco-software is fitted to the Econic as standard. Providing smooth, efficient power transmission and a comfortable shift, the transmission is invaluable for specialist applications such as refuse collection or fire brigade vehicles. Wear-free starting, low speed creep ability, lock-up clutch for excellent fuel consumption and high torque PTOs are all critical requirements, and the Allison gearbox meets them all.