Mercedes-Benz Road Efficiency

Intelligent connectivity.
For even more efficient vehicle usage.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime is defining new standards with intelligent connectivity of the vehicle. The result is significantly improved vehicle scheduling and higher vehicle availability.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime1) 2) 3) 4). Mercedes-Benz has always stood for trucks that excel when it comes to reliability and economy. Factoring in a perfectly tailored service guarantees an ideal foundation for the success of your business.

The new, revolutionary service product Mercedes-Benz Uptime marks another major advance. Intelligent connectivity powered by FleetBoard significantly increases vehicle avail-ability. Fully automatic telediagnosis continuously checks the status of the vehicle systems in real time, allowing critical conditions to be detected at an early stage and concrete instructions to be provided. If maintenance and repair require-ments are identified, your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner will inform you in person and support you with an optimal repair solution, tailored to your business needs.

You not only benefit from accessing the vehicle data in real time, but also from the vast experience of the specialist teams at Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the comprehensive telematics know-how of FleetBoard. This allows fault patterns to be pinpointed and clear recommendations to be provided, designed to ensure maximum vehicle availability.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime can significantly reduce breakdowns and other unplanned downtime. Planned workshop visits can also be combined for greater efficiency, improving the scheduling and availability of your fleet.

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Mercedes Truck Uptime

Real-time support for customer repairs.

In many instances a failure to carry out maintenance in a timely manner can increase wear to the vehicle and result in damage or a breakdown. To avoid this, the Mercedes-Benz Uptime customer portal provides you with timely information and concrete instructions on required maintenance measures that are easy to carry out yourself, helping you to avoid unnecessary workshop visits and repair costs. These include, for example, manual regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, replenishing the operating fluids such as AdBlue® or correcting the tyre pressure.

Efficient management of repair and maintenance work.

Any repair and maintenance requirements detected at an early stage are automatically reported to your selected Mercedes-Benz Service Partner. Based on this information, your Service Partner bundles the pending repair and maintenance tasks and con-tacts you to arrange an appointment, optimally tailored to your personal schedule and the main tenance requirements. Real-time transparency on the condition of your vehicles allows the workshop to prepare for your visit – ordering the required parts in good time, scheduling workshop capacity and drawing up the repair order. Workshop visits and associated downtime are minimised as a result.

Avoiding vehicle breakdowns.

If a truck is in acute danger of breaking down, you will be informed by the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre (CAC) without delay. If an immediate repair is required, the CAC will help you to arrange a workshop appointment that is optimally tailored to your vehicle route and transport assignments. The CAC will check first that the required parts and resources are available at the workshop so that the vehicle can be repaired straight away. The result: you can avoid a potential breakdown, your truck is repaired quickly and your transport assignment can be carried out on schedule.

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