Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis Cab

The Sprinter Chassis.

The flexibility your business needs

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Sprinter Chassis Cab

Your whole business is configured in a specific way that works for you, and only you – so why not take the same approach when choosing a van? You design the specifications of the Sprinter chassis cab around the needs of your business and your driver.

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Sprinter Chassis Crew Cab

With a wide range of models and variants, as well as more than 600 optional equipment extras, you’ll have a van tailored to meet all the challenges your working day has in store.

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Economy & Power

With the advanced OM 651 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine available in three output bands and the effortlessly superior OM 642 V6 CDI diesel engine, the Sprinter sets new standards in terms of economic efficiency and future-proofing. With the Euro 5b+ Gr. III and Euro VI emission classes as well as the BlueEFFICIENCY package Plus, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption noticeably.

In addition to the low consumption levels you can also reduce nitrogen oxides thanks to BlueTEC engines with novel SCR technology.

An overview of Sprinter engines:

  • Economical 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine with outputs of 95 hp, 129 hp and 163 hp.
  • V6 CDI diesel engine with an output of 190 hp.
  • Natural Gas Technology with a choice between single-fuel natural gas drive and bi-fuel natural gas and petrol-engine drive.

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