Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The X-Class is here.
It’s the first of a new kind.

As the first ever pickup from a premium manufacturer, the X-Class is uniquely versatile. It can be used as a rugged, all-terrain pickup, but also as a vehicle for urban lifestyles and families. The X-Class pushes the boundaries of the classic pickup – offering comfort, design, safety and connectivity in addition to an impressive load capacity of over 1,000kg and a towing capability of up to 3,500kg. Load up your tools, machines, work materials – or your sports and leisure equipment. The choice is yours.

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X-Class Offers

First of a new kind

Get excited for the first of a new kind: the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

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Your life, your X-Class

Independence meets a thirst for adventure.

The X-Class offers a choice of three equipment lines – PURE, PROGRESSIVE and POWER. Designed to deliver varying degrees of functionality, comfort and style, you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle and requirements best. In addition, there are several rear-of-vehicle options to consider, depending on how you’ll use the vehicle most. Add to this a wide range of Genuine Accessories to select from, and you’ll really be able to stamp your individuality on the X-Class.

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Crafted by Mercedes-Benz, styled by you

With a wide range of paint options, upholstery and wheels to choose from, you can make the X-Class your own. The styling components have been designed to enhance the form of the X-Class, but that doesn’t mean function is forgotten – far from it. Each element has been developed to do its job as effectively as possible, while delivering quality that’s built to last, from the durable paint finish to the easily maintainable material of the seat coverings.

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