Be Safe, Not Sorry


Mitsubishi's 10 point safety check is the perfect way to ensure that your car is ready for everything the UK winter can throw at it. Our 10 point winter check includes the following:

  • Brakes - A visual check to ensure that your brakes are able to cope with all weather conditions
  • Lights - Checking for legal compliance and ensuring that vehicle visibility is not compromised
  • Suspension - The shock absorbers are checked for signs of leaking, obvious damage or corrosion
  • Electrical - Checking the condition of the starter motor and charging system to ensure optimal starting
  • Battery - Checking the condition and charge capacity
  • Exhaust - A visual inspection of the exhaust and its mountings is carried out to check for physical damage, leaking joints and corrosion
  • Bodywork - A visual check to highlight any damage and areas of corrosion
  • Wiper Blades - Correctly working wiper blades are vital to provide good visibility in all conditions
  • Antifreeze - A check on the antifreeze strength, a common cause of winter breakdowns

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