Why go electric?

The smart choice for your next car

If you're thinking about changing to an electric car but haven't decided whether it's the right time or not, take a look at the info below which answers some of the top questions people have when it comes to electric cars.

Cheaper running and maintenance costs
Driving electric could cost up to a third less than a diesel or petrol to run and cheaper to maintain.

EZero emissions
Become more energy efficient by switching to electric and reduce your carbon footprint.

Less road tax
With zero emissions come great rewards. Reduce your overall running costs by also paying less road tax.

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smart electric driving distance

Charging times you can count on.

Charge on the go for under 40 minutes.
In a hurry? No problem. You can charge your smart in 40 minutes at a public charging station. Just enough time to do your weekly shop whilst you smart refreshes its energy.

Charge at home for under 3.5 hours.
Just like charging your Smartphone, conveniently charge you smart at home with your Wallbox.

Overnight charge at home for under 8.5 hours. [5]
You can also charge your smart at home with a 3-pin plug.*

*If you are planning to charge your smart electric vehicle using a 3-pin domestic plug socket you must get a qualified electrician to inspect and sign off the socket to confirm it is safe and suitable to charge your vehicle. Do not use an electric vehicle 3-pin charge cable with an extension cord.

smart electric charging times

Charging Costs

Charging costs on the go.
Make the most of your 2 year free membership to Polar Plus public charging network. During your journey, you can stop off to charge your new smart for under £3.00. Taking a break has just become more efficient.

Charging costs at home.
Charge your new smart with your free Wallbox. From the comfort of your own home, you can charge your car for under £2.50. Home comforts couldn’t come any cheaper.

Everything within range
Did you know that the average daily mileage in the UK is 21 miles? With around 70 miles [6] of range, we've got you covered. Your car will have plenty of energy for short trips around the city and for longer journeys. Use the eco mode in the car for a more economical drive and the EQ Control app for tips on how you can drive more efficiently.

smart electric driving charging costs