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The iconic smart ForTwo is the ultimate city small car, capable of breezing through narrow streets and parking in the tightest spots. At 1.66m wide, the smart ForTwo is instantly recognisable across the globe. Popular due to it’s size and running costs, the ForTwo’s 60MPG fuel economy, low insurance rating and very low vehicle tax mean that it’s an obvious choice for commuters, single drivers and casual drivers who want to get from A-to-B in the least fuss possible.

However, despite it’s size, the smart ForTwo remains an agile, lightweight and quick car, more than capable of keeping up on country roads and motorways. Inside, the smart and funky ForTwo has plenty of customisation options and allows owners to accessorise and adapt their car into a unique driving experience. On-board technology allows for satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and even surround sound.

Stylish, quirky and extremely affordable, the smart ForTwo is a true innovator and unlike any other car on our roads. smart have managed to produce a car that is unbelievably easy to drive, practical to run but instantly stands out from the crowd.

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