Parking sensors top list of most wanted driver aids Parking sensors top list of most wanted driver aids

The driver assist feature that most new car buyers really want is front and rear parking sensors.

That’s according to research commissioned by GoCompare Car Insurance, based on a survey of 2,000 drivers.

It found that 65% of drivers said they’d be prepared to pay extra for parking sensors. Other popular features that drivers would be prepared to pay extra for were also technologies designed to make driving safer and/or easier:

Front and rear parking sensors 65%
Tyre pressure warning system 58%
Automatic headlight sensors 45%
Automatic windscreen wipers 44%
Braking assist 42%
Cruise control 34%
Lane departure warning system 31%
Remote climate control 23%
Driver memory adjustable car seating 21%
Self-parking technology 20%

However, it seems we aren’t quite ready for fully self-driving cars just yet, with only 13% saying they would pay to add these feature to their next new car. Other features which didn’t quite make it into the top ten wish list included in-car wi-fi hotspots and hands-free text reading.

“Despite the availability of potentially more exciting driver aids, parking is the issue that drivers want technological help with,” GoCompare Car Insurance’s Matt Oliver said. “According to Driver & Vehicle Standard Agency data, reverse parking is one of the main reasons people fail their driving test, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that technology which makes reverse and parallel parking easier is so popular with drivers.

“In recent years the size of cars has grown considerably while the average size of parking spaces hasn’t changed – making parking even more of a challenge.

“As far as insurance is concerned, we aren’t yet seeing a reduction in premiums for driver assist technology. It’s still relatively early days and insurers need to build up a body of data on how effective the new technologies are in reducing accidents and claims’ costs before they are able to decide on whether they warrant a discount.”