Used cars sell faster in Scotland Used cars sell faster in Scotland

Used cars sell six days faster in Scotland than the nationwide average, it has emerged.

Data from the CarGurus motoring website shows that cars typically spend just 25 days on dealer forecourts in Scotland compared to the UK average of 31 days, indicating that used car buyers in Scotland may need to move especially fast to secure their ideal vehicle.

  1. Scotland                                                           25 days
  2. West Midlands                                                29 days
  3. East Midlands                                                 30 days
  4. North East England                                        30 days
  5. Northern Ireland                                            31 days
  6. North West England                                      31 days
  7. Greater London                                              31 days
  8. Yorkshire & Humberside                               32 days
  9. South East England                                        33 days
  10. South West England                                      33 days
  11. East of England                                              34 days
  12. Wales                                                               35 days

“When shopping for a car in Scotland, buyers should be aware that cars are selling more quickly than average for the UK, particularly the most popular used models.  Doing research ahead of a visit to the forecourt should allow the consumer to make an informed decision more readily,” CarGurus’ Editor Chris Knapman said.