Borrowing from a heritage of Toyota sporting cars such as the Celica, Supra and MR2, the Toyota GT86 is a magnificent piece of driving technology that is geared towards one thing and one thing only – driving fun.

Curved sporting lines run throughout the exterior of the GT86 with sports elements such as dual exhaust and spoiler making it very clear that this car is built for quick handling, springy suspension and speed. The interior express the view that simplicity is best with the cockpit being purposefully stripped down to the basics. However, where Toyota have removed cosmetics, they have added ingredients that help improve the drive. Lowered seating positive, soft knee pads into the door trim and even a centre line mark on the dashboard reflects onto the windscreen.

Buying used will allow drivers the chance to purchase this performance car without the initial outlay when new off the production line. Combined with Toyota’s engineering excellence, the GT86 used is a used car that offers sporting performance but practical reliability.

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