The All-New Toyota Yaris

The compact genius, taking the city by storm.

The Perfect City car, Designed For Urban Life.

Our newest Yaris is built on progressive Hybrid technology with a fully charged, “ready to go” design. Because, when you have the energy to keep going, why stop?’

Pricing and emissions for the all-new model are yet to be confirmed, however you can log a note of interest with our Western Toyota team, and we'd be more than happy to keep you updated.

new toyota yaris

A Beautiful New Design, Inside & Out!

The All New Yaris applies intelligent packaging to maximise interior space within the cabin, and with a lowered centre of gravity and a wider more muscular stance, it’s ready for absolutely anything!

new toyota yaris


new toyota yaris

That's Not All...

If you're looking for a performance car, fear not. The new GR Yaris is a pure performance car, born from Toyota’s title-winning experience in the World Rally Championship. It presents motorsport technology and design directly to the world of the road car, true to TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s ethos for making ever-better cars that are rewarding and fun to drive.

With dynamic handling, sports-car-looks and race team-honed performance, the sensational GR Yaris crowns a dynamic new range.

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Designed With Passion, Driven By Obsession.

new toyota yaris

The All-New Yaris seizes the moment with expressive design that conveys its passion for life and love of movement. Rounded curves and glossy skin are re-invented throughout the design of the All New Yaris.

Driver Focused, Yet Comfortable.

The newly updated model redefines what’s possible with an open and spacious driver-focused interior that defies its compact exterior dimensions. Soft touch materials and high-quality finishes create a rich and relaxing atmosphere within the cabin.

new toyota yaris

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