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For 2019 Volkswagen is releasing their new Jetta, and this time the car has undergone a huge redesign to create the perfect specimen. VW has a history of making bold statements and innovating its models consistently and the Jetta is no different. Primarily we will focus on the car’s interior which to put simply, is exquisite. VW is respected for its commitment to using only the highest quality materials in its models and the Jetta is a huge recipient of this. Everything about the inside of the car looks attractive, form things as minimal as the sharp cornered cup holders to the central screen which is bursting with personality. Furthermore, the car also contains a 10-colour customizable interior which means the driver can alter the mood of the car in an instant.

The advanced technology spreads through the car and the Jetta has been built for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility which will sit alongside one of the most exciting infotainment systems on the market. The exterior and interior of the Jetta speaks volume to providing a comfortable and memorable experience for the driver, however the driving experience is also exceptional on this car, with maturity oozing out of every acceleration or corner turned. The car is built for comfort and successfully achieves its goal as being the most pragmatic and efficient. The Volkswagen Jetta is an elegant car, free of ugly noises or unexpected problems and is a luxury vehicle built for refinement which transcends other’s in the market with its plush interior and technological innovations.