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The is a lot of choice with the new VW Scirocco range starting with which four-cylinder engine you want. This ranges from a 2.0 litre TDI with a max horsepower of 178, to the VW group 1.4 which can be turbocharged. Moreover, there a seven sperate trim levels to select from including Scirocco, GT and GTS. With this model, a huge appeal is the amount of choice you haver over how you want the car to behave and what is most important to you. At this level, the car’s malleable nature is incredibly sophisticated.

Internally, the seats are sculped across all trim types to provide maximum comfort, whilst the seat sits quite low therefore allowing the user to reach pedals and steer the car in maximum comfort. Of course, this can also be adjusted depending on the size meaning the car isn’t a problem for either taller or shorter members of the public. Additionally, the leather steering wheel is also incredibly attractive.

The driving experience is also extremely fun, with the car being very responsive to your fingers whilst also resp0nding sensitively to the pedals and brakes, allowing for a driving experience with minimal effort. The Scirocco’s control of difficult roads whether they are in the countryside or in busy towns and cities gives this car another advantage over its competitors. This is a car which is comfortable, but firm. Light but powerful. Well priced but respected.

  • Volkswagen Scirocco

    2016 (16 Reg)
    Scirocco 2.0 TDI GT Black Edition 184PS 3Dr Coupe

    Mileage: 27406mls

    Transmission: Manual

    Fuel Type: Diesel


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  • Volkswagen Scirocco

    2017 (67 Reg)
    Scirocco 2.0 TDI R-Line 184PS DSG

    Mileage: 17616mls

    Transmission: Automatic

    Fuel Type: Diesel


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