Mercedes-Benz Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Save Fuel & Tyres

Have your wheel alignment checked every year with Western Commercials state of the art TruckCam equipment for maximum precision. This will help you to...

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce tyre wear
  • Improve driving comfort and traffic safety

Resulting in a vehicle rolling straight on the road, with it’s wheels parallel to the chassis center line.

Save Fuel & Tyres

TYRE WEAR and high fuel consumption are well known problems among truck and bus owners around the world. A major cause of this is misalignment of wheels and axles.

VARIOUS TESTS HAVE SHOWN that properly aligned vehicles can save up to 8% on fuel consumption and more than 30% on the lifetime of tyres. Apart from the savings, a proper aligned vehicle contributes to a better driving comfort, safer traffic conditions and a better environment.

DID YOU KNOW that 80% of the tyrewear on the front tyres is caused by misalignment of the rear axles of the truck or trailer?

IN ORDER TO SAVE maximum on fuel and tyres it’s recommendable to have the complete vehicle checked yearly for wheel alignment. In figure 2 below, all axles of the trailer are rolling parallel with each other but not in line with the centerline of the vehicle.

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