As if the range of Volkswagen GTI cars weren't powerful enough! Some people just like having that bit more power under the bonnet or that extra special head turning trim fitted to their already eye-catching Volkswagen GTI. If that's you then you are in the right place. We have a range of performance upgrades available for the VW GTI cars. For full details of all the options we have call our GTI World Specialist team and they will talk you through what's involved in the upgrade process. We have a range of options available from performance upgrades to racing kits to body wrapping and alloy wheel upgrades.

REVO Technik’s performance software is unique as it alters manufacturers existing software in the engine control unit (E.C.U) to safely maximize Power, Torque & Improve Fuel Economy.

REVO Technik have spent countless hours developing their software to guarantee your vehicle will be quicker, feel smoother through the rev range (REVO software eradicates 99% of flat spots found on most vehicles) and have a very noticeable peak power increase with a very smooth torque curve allowing full use of the performance software.

REVO performance software will transform your car, it will unleash its full potential, why wait!

Revo Technik Software is uniquely designed to increase the power and torque of your engine lower down the vehicles rev range, the result of this is a noticeable increase in power and driveability from as little as 1300 RPM. As an added benefit of this extra low down drivability and increase in power, you can change gear earlier and use the extra torque by keeping your vehicle in a higher gear, the net result of this is your engine revs less thus saving the amount of fuel you use and can improve your MPG by up to 10 % (dependent on fuel type and driving style)

REVO Performance Parts give your Volkswagen more power, torque and more fuel efficiency.


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