What Colour Car is Most Popular?

If your favourite colour car is grey, you have picked the favourite colour of the nation. This is the fifth year that grey is the most popular colour for new cars. Over 25.7% of people opted for a grey car when purchasing off the lot. 451,199 grey cars received brand-new registration last year, which is up on previous years by 1.7%.

The only area of the United Kingdom where grey does not come out on top is in the Scottish Borders. It seems that they prefer blue cars, but grey came a close second. This might have something to do with the restriction on car colours, as over 62.5% of all new cars registered in Britain in 2022 were either black, grey, or white. This is compared to a colour like silver which only had a 6.1% market share of new cars. This is a significant fall from grace for the silver car as between 2000, and 2011, It was the most popular colour. In the odd time it did not come top in that period, it came second.

Other Colours

Red cars have also lost favour, ranking fifth. In 2008 they too enjoyed incredible popularity at the top of the colour charts. Now just 8.5% of all cars registered are red. There has been some growth in the popularity, is of more unusual colours, including orange, turquoise, mauve, yellow, and bronze, but they still only equate to 54,401 vehicles in any of these colours during 2022. The least popular colours seem to be cream, pink and maroon, with very few being made in these colour ways as previously, they have not sold as well as the more popular colours. So you can understand why manufacturers no longer choose to make them insert colours.

Green seems to be enjoying something of a resurgence, as in 2022, there were 31,220 new green cars registered on the roads. This is an increase of more than 13,293 in the previous year.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

The research was carried out by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, and the Chief Executive, Mr Mike Hawes, spoke about the research saying, “Car colour choice theoretically proclaims something about who we are as drivers and buying a car today comes with many possibilities to customise your vehicle to match. After choosing from the market’s ever-growing choice of makes, models, powertrains, wheel trims and in-car tech, picking out the perfect paint is an exciting decision to make. While the most popular shades remained unchanged for 2022, for those looking to ensure their vehicle stands out from the crowd, there remains a huge variety of colour choices from across the rainbow available to suit every character.”