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Eastern Western Accident Repair Centre

Eastern Western Accident Repair Centre

The Eastern Western Accident Repair Centre is a state of the art, 47,000 square foot vehicle repair complex and PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) Centre. We are pleased to announce that we are the manufacturer approved body shop and repair centre for all of the groups top marques.

Equipment levels within the facility are of the highest standard and have been installed to help reduce the time our customers’ vehicles are off the road ensuring the whole accident repair experience causes minimum inconvenience.

PDI Centre

Within the site of the new Accident Repair Centre we also have the Eastern Western Motor Groups Pre Delivery Inspection or PDI Centre. This provides a thorough check on all new vehicles before they are delivered to the showrooms for handover and deals with approximately 500 vehicles per week.

In addition to the PDI centre there are 2 stand up power wash bays and a Hercules Car Wash. The Hercules Car Wash provides a top of the range service utilising a water purification system. This purifies the water to 10 parts per million, ensuring a spot free rinse and eliminating the use of a chamois.


The workshop accounts for 35000 square feet of the total building space within the Groups Accident Repair Centre at Broxburn. It provides equipment and facilities of the highest standard, all installed to help reduce the length of time your car is off the road, and to make the whole Accident Repair Centre experience a better one for you.

The workshop is manned by 30 highly trained technicians who deal with repairs on up to 150 vehicles per week, utilising some of the highly impressive new equipment including a 3 bay Korek global jig, 2 separated aluminium welding bays, the latest Invertor welding equipment and computerised measuring systems. These help ensure the accident repair process is carried out to the highest standards, set by the strict manufacturer guidelines, and in the most time efficient manner.

  • Manufacturer Approved
  • 35000 Square Feet Floor Space
  • 30 Trained Technicians
  • 3 Bay Korek Global Jig
  • 2 Aluminium Welding Bays
  • Computerised Measuring System

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