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The Touran is yet another feather in the cap of Volkswagen brand, with its mix of dependability, upmarket interior and practicality making it unrivalled in the MPV space. The car speaks volumes to quality and it only takes one trip in the car to understand why. Often MPV’s aren’t built for a smooth, clean drive however the Touran has defied this expectation and is not only a good drive, but also an enjoyable one. Much like it’s cousin the Golf the Touran’s steering is perfectly balanced and the consumer has a wide range of engine choices to customise the car to their specifications. In addition, rather than VW deciding to stick within the combines of the MPV market, the designers have built a vehicle that has many resemblances and feels of a spacious hatchback.
Moreover, the car is ideal for families and those living within the traditional world, such as doing school runs or the commute. The 1.6 litre diesel engine is also very economically savvy thus helping its drivers be more conservative with their spending. It may well be that you want a slightly more powerful engine, and in this case the Touran also comes with a 187bhp 2.0 litre diesel engine which is ideal for more open country roads or motorways. VW has also included an excellent touchscreen infotainment system which is brightly coloured, and incredibly intuitive allowing drivers to access the technology safely and efficiently. Alongside this there is a Digital AB Radio and automatic wipers and lights which promote safety and stress-free drive.

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