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We have a large selection of nearly new MINIs in stock at both Eastern and Grassicks MINI. Nearly new MINIs allows drivers to take away near perfect condition MINIs that only have several miles on the clock (usually due to cancellations or demonstration cars) for a reduced cost.
An icon since the 1960s, the MINI has been a global brand and epitome of the British automotive industry. Famous for the manufacturing of small economic cars, MINIs have evolved in recent decades with the likes of the MINI Convertible, MINI Clubman and MINI Paceman all newly launched for emerging car trends. No longer is the MINI ‘just a small car’ but it’s sporty, fuel efficient and equipped with the latest technology in driving control and entertainment.
If you’re considering purchasing a used or new MINI then take a look at our nearly new MINI range below and you might find the perfect MINI for you at a reduced cost. Alternatively, speak to the team at either our Eastern or Grassicks MINI dealerships for help finding you the very best option as well as to discuss part-exchanges, finance offers and test drives.


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