What is the best way to clean your car interior?

There is nothing more satisfying than the moment you finish cleaning your car. Once you’ve washed the outside to make it squeaky clean, it’s also worth putting in an extra hour or so to spruce up the interior. So, put aside a weekend morning and get to work on getting your car in its best shape. If you’re not sure how to tackle the inside, here’s a quick guide to cleaning the inside of your car.

1. Clear out your car

First things first: empty your car of any rubbish or items that you’ve left in there. Remember under your seats, in the glove compartment and in the door pockets.

2. Clean floormats

Next, remove all floormats and give them a good shake or vacuum them if needed. For carpeted floormats, you should then use upholstery cleaner. With rubber or silicone floormats, squirt some washing up liquid into warm water and scrub them. Rinse them with clean water and hang them to dry as you continue to clean the car.

3. Clean windows

The best way to clean car windows is by using a microfibre cloth and window cleaner. If your windows are tinted, read the instructions to make sure you can use the cleaner on them.

4. Clean dashboard, steering wheel and clutch

Start by dusting these areas with a duster, then use a damp microfibre cloth and remove any grime. Go around the dashboard, steering wheel and clutch with a soapy cloth or disinfectant wipes, then polish with a dry cloth.

5. Clean seats

To clean a leather seat in a car, give it a thorough vacuum first. Afterwards, wash the seat with a damp cloth and specialised leather cleaning solution (you’ll be able to find this in most supermarkets). Avoid using solutions with bleach or ammonia in them. Lastly, dry the seats with a clean cloth. You could also rub in some leather conditioner.

To clean fabric seats in a car, begin by vacuuming first. If there is a stain in your fabric seat, you might want to use a stain remover (which you will need to leave some extra time for). Then, use a scrub brush with upholstery cleaner on your seats. Wipe away the cleaners with a damp cloth dipped in plain water without letting the seats get too wet.

6. Get vacuuming

It’s now time to vacuum the floors of the car – get really stuck in there! You might even want to use a shake and vac powder to freshen it up.

7. A final wipe down

Use a surface spray and damp cloth to wipe down the door panels, seatbelts and backs of seats. Finish with an odour spray and your car will feel as good as new again.