Celebrities that own a Smart car

The Smart ForTwo has proved popular in urban environments amongst young professionals, families, commuters, company car managers and the elderly. But did you know that the compact super-swift icon is also incredibly popular amongst the movers and shakers of film, music and sport. Here is a list of some of the most surprising owners of the fan-favourite Smart ForTwo:

Mel Gibson

The Australian actor come director was spotted back in 2015 in his silver Smart ForTwo around Hollywood. The Smart car was named 2015's 'greenest' cars by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, and seems to have been used frequently by the movie star, who also has had a long history of cars, albeit slightly more expensive, including a Masarati, Range Rover and Lexus.

Justin Bieber

The Canadian child music star has Ferraris and Ducati superbikes, but he also counts the Smart ForTwo as part of his garage. Boasting a fully blacked out Smart ForTwo, the customised car is likely to be fully-specced out and high performance.


At seven foot one-inch-tall and some 375 pounds, you wouldn’t expect this former NBA star to be the owner of a Smart ForTwo, but Shaq, or Shaquille O’Neal, is a big fan of the energy efficient and environmentally friendly Smart car and has regularly spotted in around the States. It just goes to show that despite it’s mini size, the Smart ForTwo has plenty of cabin space to accommodate even the largest driver.

Simon Cowell

Music mogul, Simon Cowell has long been an admirer of cars, it’s no surprise that his garage included a $1m Bugatti Veyron. But when the star of the X-Factor TV talent show swapped it up for a Smart ForTwo, it came as a big shock to many petrol heads. Cowell’s black Smart ForTwo was a smidge in comparison at £15,000 but did help the star significantly reduce his carbon footprint.

Dave Grohl

Frontman for the hugely popular and iconic rock band – The Foo Fighters – was spotted driving around Beverly Hills in his silver Smart ForTwo. Enjoying a compact and environmentally-friendly car, the Smart ForTwo has proved a real hit amongst rock stars, athletes and celebrities.

Bernardo Silva

The Portuguese international and Manchester City player might be expected to be showing up to training in his Ferrari, Lambo or Porsche, but for Silva his car of choice is the Smart ForTwo. At just £10,000, the ForTwo represents a tiny percentage of the player’s monthly income. A humble player, the ForTwo is ideal for the Premier League player for getting from A to B in plenty of comfort and pace.

Raheem Sterling

Another Manchester City fan keen on the wonderfully efficient and nippy Smart ForTwo is Raheem Sterling. Despite appearances in the World Cup, Champions League and Premier League, Raheem’s £12,000 black vinyl-wrapped Smart ForTwo is a modest but practical choice for the winger to get to and from City’s training base and stadium on a regular basis.

Antonio Garay

Last but not least is NFL superstar Antonio Garay – well known for his huge hits, 6 foot 4-inch frame and 320 pound powerhouse weight. Surprisingly, for such a big guy, the Smart ForTwo has plenty of cabin space. Garay even customised his ForTwo with a vinyl-wrapped Hello Kitty graphic to make him stand out even more!

Celebrities that own a Smart car