Dash cam parking mode could record vital evidence

A dash cam feature that many vehicle owners are unaware of could record crucial evidence if someone damages your vehicle while it’s parked and protect you against theft.

It’s called ‘parking mode’ and it could save you a lot money if you have to make a claim with your insurance company.

According to a report in The Sun, “Motorists can now buy dash cams that offer a parking mode to help capture theft from a vehicle, vandalism and car park collisions when the engine isn’t running. The cameras will switch to parking mode after your vehicle has been stationary for a short time.

“Using a series of motion sensors, it will then begin to record footage if it detects a collision or a thief trying to break into your car. Some models even include motion sensors that will start filming if they detect any activity in your camera's field of vision.”

Thieves are also less likely to target your vehicle if a dash cam is mounted somewhere on the dashboard.

“If someone tries to pinch something from your vehicle or it gets dinged in a supermarket car park, then the parking mode on a dash cam can act as an independent witness,” Heather Yates, an in-car technology expert at Halfords, commented. “They offer drivers greater peace of mind and protection for when they are not there, and having them placed prominently on a car windscreen can even discourage bad behaviour by making people more accountable for their actions.”