Epic movie cars that we still want to drive

Not all movie cars are made equal. For every BatMobile we’ve also had a DeLorean (sure it looked cool but think of that poky engine!) So, what movie cars have stood the test of time, and are still current today? We take a look at some Hollywood whips with some serious staying power.

1964 Aston Martin - Goldfinger

The list of James Bond’s crazy cool cars is long, but there’ll always be a special place for the 1964 Aston Martin DB5. It was the vehicle that later defined 007’s reputation for killer cars, and was an iconic model for Aston Martin So iconic in fact, that the car that appeared in the movie sold for $6.385 million (£5 million GBP) and just this year Aston Martin announced they were going to roll out a new 2020 reboot model of the DB5. Be still our movie car loving hearts!

1992 Ford Explorer - Jurassic Park

Who can forget that moment in Jurassic Park where our heroes watched the glass of water tremble right before a roaring T-Rex exploded onto the scene? Well you know the car that kept its integrity while a giant dinosaur was stomping about? That was the Ford Explorer. Over the years people have customised their own Ford Explorers to replicate the touring vehicles of the park, and they can continue to do so, because it’s on its 6th generation. This is a movie car that won’t hit your bank balance as hard as a super spy’s will, and will keep you safe from rampaging T-Rexes - what’s not to love?

2008 Audi - Iron Man

There’s only one superhero other than Batman that cares about cars, and that’s Iron Man. And when a billionaire playboy that’s also a genius drives up, you pay attention to what his car is, and Tony Stark chose a tasteful and sporty Audi R8. It’s also worth noting that whilst Tony Stark never seemed particularly safety conscious, the final scene where his Audi is supposed to crash and flip, it gripped the road so well that the sequence had to be rewritten. How’d ya like them apples?

1967 Austin Mini Cooper - The Italian Job

We couldn’t have a list of famous movie cars without popping the Mini on here. Arguably the Mini had the biggest impact on British popular culture, especially during the 60s, and became a major best seller and feature of the roadways for the next couple of decades. More recently, the Rover group that owned the original Mini was bought out by BMW and this classic movie car joined the millennium with a slick new look, and was rebranded as the MINI we all know and love today

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