Four tips for avoiding misty windows

Given the onset of cold weather, more and more of us are experiencing misty car windows.

Your windows will steam up when the air inside your car is warmer than the air outside and is carrying more humidity. This inside air is cooled near the glass, allowing the humidity to condense and form mist.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists’ chief examiner Peter Rodger recommends that drivers prepare their cars before they travel:

  1. Mist will often form quicker on dirty windows, so it’s important to keep them clean throughout the winter. Both the outside and inside of your windows should be kept equally clean – free from dust, tar, tree sap and grime.
  2. You can use newspaper to polish the glass once you’ve cleaned it. Wash the windows with some washing up liquid and water, then dry them with a cloth. Remember to lift the wipers and clean beneath them. If you prefer the traditional method of using crumpled up newspaper, this works well too.
  3. Don’t leave any damp clothing in your car overnight as this can also cause the windows to steam up.
  4. Use your air-conditioner to help lift any condensation from the inside of your windows. You can adjust it accordingly to lower the setting once the moisture clears. And if your car has a button that sets the demister at the optimum for clearing the screen, then use that.

“Your windows are your eyes when you get behind the wheel,” Peter Rodger said, “and it is dangerous to drive if you can’t see clearly from your windows. Be five minutes late rather than venture down the road in this way”.

Four tips for avoiding misty windows