Is the Mercedes CLA set to get a new facelift?

Recent spy shots have all but confirmed what the new Mercedes CLA will look like when it launches in 2019. The Mercedes CLA has proved a popular hit for the German manufacturer with its reasonable cost but premium car looks winning over the small saloon executive marketplace.

Rivalling the likes of the Audi A4, the BMW 4 Series and the Jaguar XE, the Mercedes CLA and its new facelift is likely to help increase demand and see Mercedes dominate the small luxury car industry.

So what do we know about the proposed facelift?

Expect similar bodywork to the CLS

Recent spy shots reveal that the 2019 Mercedes CLA will draw most of its design and appearance from the large luxury saloon CLS model. The Mercedes CLA looks like it will stay as the four-door coupe version of the CLS but at a substantially lower cost.

Similar engineering to the A-Class

Despite adopting the looks of the Mercedes CLS, the CLA will continue to utilise most of its parts from the A-Class. Buyers can anticipate that the interior will likely resemble the new A-Class with a twin HD widescreen digital cockpit. The rest of the interior is also expected to echo the A-Class with the same trim, sports-style seats and chrome fixtures making their way into the new model. Early spy shots of the 2019 Mercedes CLA also seem to share the same thinner and sleeker headlights found on the A-Class. However, the grille and aerodynamic bodywork is most definitely modelled on the CLS.

A familiar feel in areas

Elements like the strong arch to the window sill remain in place, as does the short A-pillar separating front and rear windows. The proposed Mercedes CLA still keeps its smaller than average wing mirrors, which may prove a nuisance to CLA fans who have long asked for more visibility from a wing mirror. The rear boot retains the short but sudden drop found on the old CLA and most CLS vehicles. However, the sloping rear windscreen and column is definitely more pronounced and more similar to the Mercedes CLS rather than the old CLA model.

Equipment range & trim

Whilst not yet confirmed it’s expected that the equipment range will continue to be as generous as the original Mercedes CLA. Standard equipment tends to include satellite navigation, park assist, parking sensors, DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, speed limiter, cruise control and SD card connectivity.

Like the original Mercedes CLA, there should be a number of trims available to Mercedes CLA prospective buyers including an AMG trim and Night package offering sportier and sleeker bodywork and upgraded equipment.

Engine performance

Speculation states that the CLA may have over 340bhp, putting it well ahead of the likes of the Audi S3 sedan/saloon. It’s also likely that Mercedes will release a CLA 45 version offering an electric turbocharged 400bhp version as well. If Mercedes continue with the same engine customisations as the new A-Class we can expect at least 3 different varieties of engine (including a diesel option). The question remains whether Mercedes will also produce an electric version to add to their ambitious fleet of electric vehicles.

Is the Mercedes CLA set to get a new facelift?