Nissan Qashqai vs Kia Sportage

Looking for a great family SUV that offers good value for money and plenty of space for all your essentials? Then you might find yourself trying to choose between the popular Nissan Qashqai and the eye-catching Kia Sportage. Both come in at a similar price point, so which is best for your family? Check out our quick guide to find out.

Safety ratings

When you’re buying a family SUV, it’s only natural that safety is at the top of your priority list. Happily, both the Qashqai and the Sportage have excellent safety ratings. Euro NCAP awarded both cars a five-star safety rating on their most recent outings. They also both ranked particularly well for their safety assist features as well as for their adult and child protection.

Interior and comfort

If you’re looking for a comfortable ride, then you’ll be glad to know that both SUVs have plenty to recommend them. The Kia Sportage has a particularly plush feel while the Nissan Qashqai has some really nice soft-touch materials. There’s plenty of legroom for backseat passengers and when it comes to that all-important boot space, then they’re on pretty level pegging. The Qashqai has a reasonable 504 litres while the Sportage comes in at 591 litres.

Handling and fun features

You can expect a decent driving experience from both models, however the Qashqai offers a particularly comfortable experience and handles very well on a variety of surfaces. The Kia Sportage is also easy to drive, and the high driver’s position offers a good view of the road.

Both SUVs have a great sound system and all the connectivity you can expect to fully enjoy it. They both also have decent infotainment options as well as easy to use climate controls.


Both the Qashqai and the Sportage have had makeovers in the last few years, ensuring you’ll enjoy a modern look whichever brand you go for. The Kia has a particularly eye-catching design, perfect if you’re hoping for a family SUV that stands out. The Nissan has a more traditional look but is available in a great range of striking colours. Both have a smooth and sleek overall appearance, ensuring they aren’t too imposing on the road.

How to choose between the Qashqai and the Sportage

These family SUVs are pretty evenly matched as far as the big-ticket items go, so when it comes to picking the right for you there are only a few things that are likely to swing the deal. If you’re looking for an SUV with a striking look and that little bit extra room in the boot, then the Sportage might be the one for you. If you prefer a slightly plusher interior and smoother ride, then you might be better off with the Qashqai. Want to find out for yourself? Book a test drive with Eastern Western