Things to look out for when buying a used car

You've decided to buy a used car – great news! You're going to spend much less money than buying a new car and your insurance rates will likely be lower. With Eastern Western's brilliant range of used cars, you also have so many top models to choose from. If you're wondering about what things to look out for when buying a new car, below you'll find what to keep in mind.

Choose a reliable dealership or trader

First things first: to have full confidence in buying a used car, be sure to visit a reputable dealership such as Eastern Western. Our team of experts will be able to help you at each step of the way and offer the perfect car from our impressive range.

Get all the documents in order

You will need the car's V5C registration document to be able to tax the car. Check the document to see if it has a watermark, any spelling mistakes, the correct VIN (vehicle identification number) and the right number plate. You should also ensure the car has a current MOT.

Check the car's mileage, engine and any damage

Ask yourself if the mileage is consistent with the age and price of the car (on average, a car should have around 10,000 miles per year). For example, a car showing low miles on the clock shouldn't have heavy wear and tear on the driver’s seat, steering wheel and pedals. You should also inspect the tyres (1.6mm is the legal minimum; you'll soon have to change them if they're less than 3mm), the engine (is the oil level right? does the engine make any weird noises when turned on?) and the electrics (lights, locks, stereo etc.). Don't be afraid to fully explore the car.

Take the car for a test drive

Of course, the best way to decide whether the car is in good working order and is right for you is to take it on a test drive. It's also an opportunity to really test the steering, handbrake, windscreen wipers and breaks properly.

Make sure you're getting the best deal

Ask our team members as many questions as you want about the various finance options we offer so that you can comfortably pay for your car. We can also talk you through the best cars for your budget and arrange test drives for you so that you drive away in the perfect one. With a range including leading models such as Mazda, Vauxhall, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen, you’ll find the right used car in our collection.