The rise of vegan friendly cars

Can vegans own cars? With veganism on the rise (research by Ipsos Mori and The Vegan Society says the number of vegan people has more than quadrupled in the last eight years), this is a question that more and more people are asking. In fact, The Vegan Society also published findings in 2022 that claimed 70% of drivers in the UK are interested in buying vegan cars.

Here’s all the latest information and news on vegan friendly cars.

What is a vegan friendly car?

The most obvious feature that makes a car non-vegan is its leather upholstery. But there are a few other factors. It has been reported that some media displays on dashboards contain liquid crystals that may be based on cholesterol taken from animals. The rubber and plastic used to make tyres may be vulcanised and toughened using tallow (mutton fat). And even the steel used for a car’s frame and components may have been lubricated with animal fat.

For these reasons, it’s not possible for a car to be completely vegan. However, there are cars which are much more vegan-friendly than others.

What vegan friendly cars are for sale?

Here are some of the best vegan-friendly car manufacturers:


The VISION EQXX is the newly launched Mercedes vegan and electric concept car. Its animal-free interior is made from mushroom and cactus “leather”, bamboo, and bio-based vegan silk. The Mercedes A-Class can also be bought with a fabric interior or Mercedes’ own artificial leather called Artico (you will need to ask about the steering wheel).


The Renault Twizy is a two-seater electric car approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and it has no animal-sourced materials used in its design.


PETA has awarded Polestar with a Compassionate Business Award because of the Polestar 2’s vegan-friendly interiors. A leader in electric motoring, it is a vegan electric car that has a 275-mile range.


The Ford Fiesta is one of the best-selling cars in the world. The latest model, which went on sale in 2017, comes with the option of non-leather seats (the Style, Zetec and B&O Play Zetec models fully avoid leather seats). The leather steering wheels can also be swapped for non-leather materials on request.


The Nissan Leaf is a bestselling electric car in Europe. As well as being producing zero-emissions, the Leaf can be bought without leather seats, steering wheel, and gearshift (which is actually a plastic switch).

You will find these brands, along with other manufacturers who offer leather-free cars, at our Eastern Western dealerships. Take a look at the vegan-friendly collection today.