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Eastern Western are pleased to offer approved MOT testing to our customers for just £54.85. The benefit of booking your MOT with an approved smart MOT testing centre is that any repair work required to ensure the car passes its MOT can then be completed to the highest standard by a smart approved technician and using smart approved genuine parts.

Once a car has reached 3 years old it is the law that it needs a MOT test every year to ensure that the car is up to legal road standards. Our MOT testers will be at hand to help check your car’s components, including vehicle structure, exhaust emissions, seat belts, doors, mirrors, brakes, lights, wipers, washers and your windscreen.

To find out more about our MOT services or to book your smart in for a MOT, please contact us online, in dealership or via phone and we will be able to answer any questions about the MOT process.

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