The all-new Golf 8: Where life happens
The new Golf GTI

New Volkswagen Golf 8

Digitally remastered.

A wide selection of pioneering Volkswagen technology gives you the most responsive, intuitive Golf ever.

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Digital cockpit

The Digital Cockpit takes all of your settings and displays them clearly on the Discover system’s 10-inch screen. From there you can easily adjust your driving position, air conditioning, radio, navigation and Driver Assistance systems. Set up your Volkswagen ID and once you log in the Golf 8 will remember your preferences.

Head-up display

The Golf 8’s Head-Up display projects your speedometer and Adapted Cruise Control information straight onto the windshield. Sat-Nav and media settings are displayed on the Digital Cockpit, a high-definition screen that sits right behind the steering wheel.

Voice control

Through the Golf 8’s voice control you can select between radio stations, scroll through your address book, or change course on your Sat-Nav.



With a fresh, clean style and dynamic lines, the Polo strikes the perfect balance between design and function. With sports seats, high-gloss decorative trim in a variety of colours, a black roof, sporty alloy wheels and a whole host of other features, the optional design packages offer all the customisation options you need to create your own unique Polo.


The Golf 8 comes with LED headlights and integrated fog lights as standard. If you opt for the IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED lights you’ll also receive Dynamic Light Assist, which automatically adjusts brightness when it detects oncoming traffic.​


The Golf 8 showcases Volkswagen’s quality interior design at its finest. As soon as you ease into the adjustable driver’s seat you’ll notice that thanks to the Innovision Cockpit, there are far fewer buttons to navigate on the dashboard. Choose the optional ambient lighting package and illuminate the interior from a selection of 32 colours.​​

​Car 2X

The Car2X communicates wirelessly with other Car2X enabled vehicles on the road to provide you with the most up to date traffic information. When you’re stuck in heavy traffic, it uses the information it receives to detect when the end of the jam is coming up and readies the car’s Adaptive Cruise Control.

A helping hand 

The Golf 8 comes with a wide range of Driver Assistance systems including Adaptive Cruise Control and Park Assist which tells you if a space is large enough to fit into and then parks for you. It also comes with Travel Assist, which not only keeps you in your lane but can automate acceleration and braking to make driving in heavy traffic less tiring.


Fully connected and packed with features, Life happens in this Golf.


Also available as an eHybrid, the Golf Style showcases refined design and luxurious touches throughout.


Built for ultimate performance, the R-Line is sure to thrill.

The Golf Black Edition

Now open for order

The Golf Black Edition's sleek looks make an instant, imposing impression. With distinctive Black design elements you are sure to stand out.

  • 18” Bergamo Black Alloy
  • LED Plus Headlamps and LED rear combination lamps
  • Ambient lighting, exterior illuminated styling elements in door handle recesses and front grille
  • Black exterior mirror housings
  • Winter Pack
  • Rear View Camera


Plug-in hybrid sustainability with GTI performance.


The Golf GTI is synonymous with powerful performance and is now fully connected to keep you online on the road. Factory orders on the manual gearbox are no longer available, please contact your Retailer for information on stock cars.


Inspired by the racetrack, this Golf R guarantees an exhilarating drive.

GTI Clubsport

More power, sharper handling, and dynamic looks, without compromising on comfort. Factory orders are no longer available, please contact your Retailer for information on stock cars.

CONNECTIVITY. Always connected Get Breakdown Call, the Online Anti-Theft Alarm and Service Scheduling when you register for We Connect. Sign up for We Connect Plus and you’ll also receive real-time traffic updates. App Connect syncs your smartphone to the car to give you access to your favourite music and podcasts.
DYNAMIC CHASSIS CONTROL. Finely-tuned driving Optional Dynamic Cruise Control gives you three settings to choose from: COMFORT for the smoothest ride, SPORT for a firmer, more responsive drive, and ECO which adjusts the car’s configuration to save on fuel.
e-TSI ENGINE. Sustainable power The Golf 8 is Volkswagen’s first model to feature the e-TSI engine with mild-hybrid technology. e-TSI uses a lithium-ion battery to help power the engine at low speeds and drastically reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. The battery is recharged using energy from braking and coasting.