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New Volkswagen ID.3

The power to drive and drive and drive. 

The new ID.3 keeps the future of electric mobility driving forwards. The clear lines of the exterior give the ID.3 a more mature look, while the interior is elegantly finished with quality materials. There is also a generous collection of Driver Assist systems to give you a helping hand on the road. 

​Built on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB), the ID.3 comes with ID. Software installed. It upgrades charging functions, including Plug & Charge, and keeps your ID.3 up to date with post-purchase upgrades.


ID.3 upgrades via We Connect

Whether navigation or smart air conditioning – with We Connect, you can continue to upgrade your new ID.3 with completely new functions even after you have purchased it.

Welcome to the electric era

Sustainable with no animal products

The interior of the new ID.3 is made entirely without animal products as standard and also contains numerous recycled materials. For example, the headliner and floor mats are made of polyethersulfone (PES), a plastic made from recycled PET bottles.


Welcome to the space miracle

The new ID.3 is combines spaciousness with compact dimensions: The typically long wheelbase of electric vehicles offers greater stability while also allowing an interior with an intelligent design distinguished by outstanding variability and flexibility.


Even good things get better

Full-width bumpers, exciting new colours such as Dark Olivine Green Metallic, together with sophisticated front details, perfectly give the new ID.3 a fresh new face without losing the iconic look of the ID. family. The bonnet features a sharper profile and demonstrates that even good design can always get better.


Heavenly views

With a large glass panel that stretches over the entire width of the roof, the optional glass roof is an eye-catching feature in itself. Even more appealing: an unobstructed view of the sky above. The tinted glass also ensures pleasant temperatures in the vehicle.


Make yourself comfortable!

Quiet running characterises electric vehicles. The optional electric seats in the new ID.3 enhance the relaxed drive with an additional massage function. Plus, high-quality fabrics could ensure the desired durability.

Light for almost any mood.

Give your ID. personality. Choose from eight standard colours (30 colours are available as an option) and gently illuminate the interior. This includes the dash panel, the mobile phone holder and the doors. Whether cooler or warmer lighting – it’s your choice.


Keep track for you. And the others at a distance.

At Volkswagen, IQ.DRIVE stands for all intelligent driver assistance systems.

With the optional Travel Assist you have an extremely useful driving assistant on board. It can keep you in your lane, maintain a minimum distance to the vehicle in front and the maximum speed you have set.

One of the features it uses to do this is adaptive lane guidance. This actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane. Travel Assist adapts to your driving style and can also drive further to the left or right in its own lane instead of exactly in the middle.

In addition, Travel Assist can actively support you when changing lanes on the motorway if desired.

If swarm data is available, Travel Assist needs to recognise only one road lane marking in order to keep the vehicle in its lane.

Can act if you don't react.

At Volkswagen, IQ.DRIVE stands for all intelligent driver assistance systems.

If you no longer show any driving activity as a result of a medical emergency, the optional Emergency Assist can register this and attempt to reactivate you. If it is unsuccessful in doing so, it can bring the vehicle to a controlled stop within the system limits and can thus prevent an accident if necessary.

For an all-round overview.

Manoeuvring in the busy city centre, in a multi-storey car park or in rough terrain: there are many situations in which drivers could use a few extra eyes. With the optional Area View you get them in the form of four cameras that capture the area around the vehicle and transfer helpful information to the screen of the infotainment system. For example, you can see kerbs or parking markings better and even look around the corner.


Adaptive Cruise Control

At Volkswagen, IQ.DRIVE stands for all intelligent driver assistance systems.
Adaptive Cruise Control ACC helps you to maintain a previously set maximum speed and preset minimum distance to the vehicle in front. It also has predictive cruise control and cornering assistance.
This means that ACC can adapt the vehicle’s speed to the relevant speed limits and the road layout (bends roundabouts etc.).
Front Assist emergency braking system

The standard Front Assist emergency braking system with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring can warn you of critical situations involving pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. It will even brake automatically in emergency situations.

Brings life into the blind spot.

The optional Side Assist lane change system can alert you to dangerous lane changes. An LED lamp in the exterior mirror shows you when a vehicle is in your blind spot or approaching quickly from behind.

When you signal to change lane, Side Assist calculates whether one of these vehicles could pose a danger to you based on position and speed – and draws your attention to this by flashing conspicuously.

Together with the Lane Assist lane departure warning, it can also provide support through corrective steering intervention.

The Rear Traffic Alert warns about vehicles crossing your path when reversing out of a parking space. If you do not react, the system can intervene and brake the vehicle to alleviate or even prevent a collision.



Electrically on the move with all the design and comfort elements for a well-rounded choice. The Pro 204PS 58kWh (Net) battery with 266 mile range (combined WLTP) and 15.3kWh/62 miles.


Pro S

The car that goes further, the Pro S 77kWh will get you on your way. Available with 4 seats only. The Pro S 204PS 77kWh (Net) battery with 347 mile range (combined WLTP*) and 15.3kWh/62 miles.

OHME WALL BOX Charge at home Volkswagen recommends Ohme as our preferred wall box supplier. Your local Volkswagen Retailer can help you order a Ohme home charger and even guide you through the process of applying for a grant. You may be also eligible for the EV chargepoint grant⁠⁠2 if you own or rent a flat (you can get either £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket, whichever amount is lower.).
Octopus Energy EV electricity tariff Octopus have designed a smart, green tariff especially for Volkswagen’s electric vehicle drivers, Octopus Go Green.
We Charge subscriptions We Connect ID. app E-mobility can be simple and fun – after all, you should be able to get anywhere in your electric car with ease. Simply open the We Connect ID. app and check the location of the nearest charging station – and you can charge your vehicle and get great prices according to your We Charge plan.