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New VW Touareg: Explained

The New Volkswagen Touareg

Sporty, classy, elegant.

One glance is enough to know: this is a premium SUV bursting with character. But not only does the new Touareg mirror the symbiosis between flawless design and luxurious features – it also impresses with its everyday practicality that you will simply love. And when you choose the Touareg Elegance eHybrid, you know you are being powered by visionary drive technology.

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Twice the drive. Twice the fun.

The Touareg Elegance eHybrid is a plug-in hybrid that combines an electric motor and a TSI petrol engine. When the battery is sufficiently charged, you start in electric mode, producing zero local carbon emissions. If you activate hybrid mode, you combine both drives for maximum system output of 280 kW (381 PS). A special highlight in this mode is the interplay between the navigation system and drive management. When you enter your destination into the navigation system and start route navigation whilst in hybrid mode, the combustion engine and electric motor work in perfect harmony with each other for the entire duration of your journey.

Confident appearance​.

The new Touareg is an SUV that meets high expectations – and proves this too with a striking and sophisticated design. The wonderfully expressive front section with prominent air intakes and the powerful rear accentuate the sporty presence of the Touareg. Its balanced proportions emphasise its elegance – as well as its size, which makes it a comfortable companion on the road.

Take a seat and enjoy.

As soon as you sit inside the Touareg, it’s plain to see: the stylish interior design says it all. An elegant double seam runs from the dashboard across to the door sill. Optionally, the white ambient lighting ensures a pleasant atmosphere. The background lighting is available optionally starting with the Elegance equipment line with 30 different colours. The high-quality, harmoniously coordinated materials ensure a feel-good atmosphere straight away.

With the driver in mind. Absolutely no switches.

The standard Discover Pro Max navigation system is the flagship of Volkswagen’s navigation systems:

  • 38.1 cm (15 inch) TFT touchscreen with colour display
  • Forms a visual unit with the 31.2 cm (12.3 inch) Digital Cockpit
  • Can be operated by voice control, gestures or touch
  • Features FM radio reception, three USB interfaces (two additional interfaces with the optional Connectivity package) as well as Business mobile phone interface via Bluetooth (Comfort mobile phone interface available with optional App-Connect)
  • DAB+ digital radio reception
  • Pre-installed map material for Europe
  • New high-resolution map material
  • Lane-accurate navigation
  • Improved voice control
  • Global search
  • Wireless App-Connect (optional)

The digital instrument cluster and the 38.1 cm (15 inch) screen of the infotainment system form one curved glass surface: the Innovision Cockpit.

  • Operated by touch, gestures or voice control
  • Displays functions in graphics and animations
  • Home screen content can be customised
  • Buttons can be programmed freely for favourites and shortcuts
  • Selected displays can be enlarged


Be better informed than ever before with Car‑Net. Have the news you’re interested in read out to you while driving. Reach your destination relaxed following a route adapted to the current traffic situation. And save time when searching for a parking space, by being guided directly to a free spot in a car park at your destination.

Thanks to Car‑Net, you can check the current mileage, fuel tank volume and lock or unlock your new Touareg using your smartphone, even when you’re not in the car. And you can see whether you’ve left the light on or whether all windows are closed – perfect for peace of mind while you’re away from your car.

Light just where you need it.

The HD matrix headlight not only provides better visibility at night but also supports you when driving. More than 19,000 individually controllable LEDs are used for each headlight.

This enables your Volkswagen to project markings onto the road, for example, when the high beam is switched on. These make it easier for you to drive through narrow construction sites on the motorway or to stay in lane. In addition, the HD matrix headlight improves the function of Dynamic Light Assist. This means that other road users and traffic signs can be masked out even more precisely from your own high beam. When you start or park your vehicle, the HD matrix headlight has a special light animation ready for you.

Staying connected with the world. VW Connect With a host of VW Connect services available to you, you can decide on full connectivity from the outset. Once you have completed the one-off activation process and signed in with your Volkswagen ID, it is incredibly easy to use our free, innovative online services. VW Connect not only makes your everyday life with your Volkswagen more pleasant, but also more convenient. It allows you to access important vehicle information and offers valuable convenience with Breakdown Call or Service Scheduling. And with the Volkswagen App for your smartphone, you have important information about your Volkswagen at a glance even when out and about: for example, you can check the remaining range or that all doors and windows are closed.
Discover new possibilities – whether on the road or digitally. VW Connect Plus The entire world of Volkswagen digital services takes connectivity in your Touareg to a higher level: VW Connect Plus offers additional smart technologies as an option. These include intelligent navigation, which provides you with up-to-date traffic information on route changes virtually in real time, or where you can find warnings regarding traffic disruptions. The Online Map Update ensures that your maps are always up to date. Meanwhile, the latest information about filling station prices and available spaces in car parks means that you will arrive feeling more relaxed. And the Internet Radio service ensures that your vehicle provides the full benefits of online radio. This makes searching for and playing live channels and podcasts fun and easy.
Infotainment and entertainment for every occasion. App-Connect For convenient use of apps and content, the App-Connect is ideal. Music, news, maps or audio books are transmitted to the display of the infotainment system and can therefore be used within your field of vision. Two interfaces are possible for connecting smartphones: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from Google. Wireless connection makes usage particularly convenient.