Glasgow Sees More 20MPH Limits

Many cities in the UK have seen a massive slap in restrictions recently with new speed limits being implemented. Glasgow is currently the next city on the list to be hit with a proper list of limits, as 20 mph is due to become the norm - across more than 4000 streets in the city.

New Rules

To anyone who has kept up with the plans, this may not come as a total shock - a city-wide restriction of 20mph was in the pipeline as far back as 2020. It was pledged that the city would become completely changed and new speed limits imposed everywhere by 2030, so this is simply the evolution of that objective.

The new limits will take a little time to implement. Each new limit will need what is called a “Speed Limit Order” and is a process that can take between 12 and 18 months to complete. This means it could be quite a while before the whole Glasgow area sees the new limits in play.

Speaking on the subject is Councillor Angus Millar, who said that the new restrictions exist for “creating safer streets and communities for all of us” and also had the following to offer:

“A citywide 20mph speed limit will bring Glasgow in line with many other UK cities. It will help to create safer streets and communities for all of us, reducing the risk of accidents and the severity of injuries sustained”.

Gradual Change

The change is something which is affecting governments around the UK. In Wales, it is taking longer as the Welsh government has withdrawn support for the measure and reverted to a 30mph limit for now, but it is gaining traction in other areas.

Rishi Sunak has endorsed the idea but has only done so in recent times - it is part of a series of reforms aimed at tackling some of the big issues on the roads.

Obviously, change like this is no bad thing. A new system designed to regulate traffic speeds will undoubtedly help to create a safer set of roads for everybody, both drivers and pedestrians alike. The issue becomes how willing people are to adopt the new changes and how cooperative they are prepared to be. As we can clearly see with places like Wales, the idea is not universally popular, and there are going to be some areas which are incredibly resistant towards new traffic laws.

Making a New Future

Hopefully, with enough time and support, it will be possible for people to enjoy a slower speed limit and a safer city. Glasgow is just one of the areas that will see the change implemented slowly, and surely others will join it. It will take time for the new speed limit to be properly introduced, but this is no bad thing. Gradual change may be easier for drivers who will have to unlearn years of acceptable speed in places they have been driving in for a long time.