Why Do Brits Love Grey? UK's Top Car Colour for the Sixth Consecutive Year

The love affair between British drivers and the colour grey shows no signs of fading! Recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reveal that grey tops the charts as the most popular car colour in the UK for the sixth consecutive year. With a commanding market share of 26.8% of all new vehicles, a staggering 509,194 grey cars were registered in 2023, marking a significant 22.6% increase in volume and confirming that it is just the best car colour ever – apparently!

Coming in Second and Third

While there can only be one winner, there are many runners-up. Safe colours, black and white, maintained their second and third positions for the sixth straight year, showing we really are creatures of habit. Together, these monochrome shades make up a remarkable 63.5% of all new cars heading out onto the UK roads in 2023.

Blue secured the fourth spot with a 10.9% rise, while red, although still holding on in fifth place, saw its lowest market share since 2005, indicating a gradual decline in popularity since 2019.

So, the road is filled with black, white and grey cars, but those seeking a unique style should not give up hope! While clearly, they are not so popular, there are a few other colours out there! Maroon, pink, and cream are certainly not popular, with just 604 registrations across all three combined. Shades like orange, bronze, turquoise, and brown also lost favour with the British driver compared to 2022 figures.

It's a Go for Green

In a surprising turn, green made a strong comeback, reaching its highest number since 2005 at 53,426 units, claiming a market share of 2.8%, the highest since 2004. Despite its environmental connotations, 'zero emission cars' flooding British roads in record numbers in the past year continued to align with the prevailing grey trend in traditional internal combustion engine counterparts.

Location Plays a Part!

The regional preferences across the UK were strikingly consistent, with grey unanimously reigning supreme. White secured the second position in the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, while black claimed the second spot in England, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of SMMT, commented on the fun statistics, stating, "2023 was a bumper year for the British new car market, as buyers continued to gravitate towards familiar black, white and grey for another year – even as ever more motorists embrace new technologies." He highlighted the efforts of car manufacturers in expanding their colour offerings, providing a vast selection across numerous models and specifications, and allowing drivers the flexibility to choose a tint that reflects their individuality and style. However, it seems that those in the market for a new car just don’t care about bright colours and prefer to be a little more chill when picking the hue of their new wheels.