Important Advice from DVLA for Those Needing to Renew a Driving License

DVLA are warning people not to fall foul of excess charges when they need to renew their driving licence. One of the quickest and easiest ways to renew your driving license is to do so online. There are lots of third-party sites offering to help, but this is not a good way to go. So, if your licence is due for renewal soon, it’s worth reading this advice and learning how safely renew without being charged extortionate amounts of money.

UK Driving Licence Rules

If you are a UK licence holder, you will be asked to renew every 10 years until you reach the age of 70. At this point, it becomes a three-year task. Renewing your driving license online is very easy and safe. It’s the cheapest way to do it, as it’s more expensive to use the postal renewal service. When you are over 70, it’s free. The DVLA warning specifically focuses on the fact that no third-party site should ever be used as there is no need. is the only site you need when it comes to renewing your driving licence.

It Is because so many people are falling foul of these third-party websites that the DVLA has increased their campaign to make sure everyone knows that their website is the only place you need to visit. They recently tweeted from their official DVLA Twitter account saying "Due to renew your driving licence? Only use http://GOV.UK and avoid third-party websites which charge a premium."

Safe and Secure

The other concern about third-party websites is how they handle your data and what they do with it. It doesn’t make sense to give it to people who don’t really need it, and the DVLA already holds your data securely and safely. All personal details on their site are protected.

The Renewal Process

So how does the renewal process work when it comes to getting your new driving licence online?

First of all, head to the official website of the government, or click here

The charge for those under the age of 70 is £14. It would be a lot more than this on a third-party website.

You can do this at any time of the day or night, as the website is always open.

Collect all the documents that you need.

  • Your valid UK passport
  • The current licence (if you have lost it or can’t find it, you will have to make a statement during the application).
  • Your address history for three years
  • National insurance number

Once you have completed your application, your new photo card driving license should arrive in about a week.

Over 70? Read on!

If you are over the age of 70, you are required to renew your driving license, stating your fitness to drive every three years. The first application you make upon turning 70 must be done within 90 days after your birthday.

New Users to the Online Portal

When you use the service for the first time, you have to register, but this is also very simple.

To register, you will need.

  • Your email address
  • Your valid UK passport number
  • Your national insurance number.
  • An address history for the last three years