Nearly a Third of Drivers Don’t Follow Two-Second Rule

A shocking study recently conducted by the AA has found that up to 32% of all drivers are either unaware of, or simply choose not to acknowledge the two-second rule while driving.

Disturbing Report Results

The poll, which, interviewed some 13,000 drivers, found that of all the behaviours which irritate drivers, tailgating is considered to be the most egregious. 29% of all drivers found the tailgating was the most annoying offence for them shortly behind by people who hog the middle lane or talk on the phone while driving.

However, women reported that the most irritating offence for them were people being too close to the back bumper. 34% of women identified it as being the most annoying driver behaviour, in comparison to 27% of male drivers.

The lack of regard for the two second rule can be very dangerous, especially in the winter seasons. A lot of accidents can be caused by someone not leaving enough space between themselves and another vehicle because it slows down the given reaction time and means that you’re less likely to be able to stop in the event you need to.

An Ongoing Issue

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing problem, and statistics have been provided by the Department of Transport which back up all of these findings. Their reports suggest up to 1/5 of all drivers are not being safe and responsible.

Tim Rankin is the managing director of AA Accident Assist, and he had the following to say:

“We’re coming to the time of year where playing fast and loose with a safe distance from the vehicle in front is much more likely to end in disaster, and if you crash into the back of someone or hear a vehicle being hit further behind, we now know that there is more than a one in 10 chance that the impact will lead to a shunt down a line of cars.

Applying the handbrake when stationary is the companion to following the two second rule. Both prevent needless damage and injury, particularly whiplash and worse for older and more fragile car occupants.”

Stay Safe This Winter

With winter accidents becoming all too common, it’s never been more important to stay safe while driving. These rules are in place to protect people, and even if they do sometimes appear annoying, they are for everybody’s good. We have to make serious attempts to follow the rules, otherwise accidents will continue to happen and the results could be very problematic.

It’s very possible that more strict sanctions will come into place to punish those who are found to be breaking the rules regarding driving. Compulsory retesting may also become much more commonplace as a preventative measure for everybody, regardless of their age. As it stands, it’s very important to try and be proactive with safety, and to maintain proper driving etiquette and follow all the rules in order to protect yourself and others on the road.