Helen won an ARIYA for a weekend!

Helen and family entered our Win an ARIYA for a Weekend competition back in June at the Royal Highland Show. Helen's household already has two electric vehicles, so they were delighted when they found out they won our competition. We mutually confirmed a suitable weekend for the whole family to enjoy the ARIYA at their leisure.

Here's some feedback from Helen -

"I thought the car was brilliant so thanks again for the opportunity. We have two electric cars in this household so we're really used to driving one. We were very impressed with the space and all the features. The kids loved opening the boot with their feet! There was a lot of room in the back for them as well as the double charging points as that's really important for teenagers who are constantly on their phones!

I have never considered Nissan as my next car, but now ARIYA is definitely at the top of the list!"

Thanks again for your feedback Helen, we're very pleased to hear you enjoyed driving Nissan ARIYA!

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