Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Types of electric vehicle chargers

Type 1

This plug is mostly found in mainland Europe, but some UK cars have a Type 1 connector and you may see them at home and public charge stations. These have a maximum charge of 7.4kW. Type 1 can typically be found in 2020 – 2017 first-generation Nissan LEAF.

Type 2

New EVs sold in the UK will have a Type 2 socket and often come with a Type 2 cable. Most home charges also feature a Type 2 connector. This is the most common socket you’ll see. Type 2 is standard in 2017 – present second-generation Nissan LEAF.

CCS (Combined Charging System)

These are favoured by European makers and are available only at public charging stations with a rapid DC charging capacity of 50kW or more. New Nissan ARIYA and electric Townstar are produced with a CCS charging port.


The Japanese counterpart to CCS, also charges at 50kW and above. Most public charging stations with CCS will also have CHAdeMO connectors. You will find a CHAdeMO charging port on the Nissan LEAF and most e-NV200.

Smart Home Charging

Purchase a Pod Point or E.ON EV charger and spread the cost with your monthly vehicle instalments. Available to order from Western and Barnetts.

Benefits include:

• Charging power of up to 7.4kW
• Up to 5 year installation warranty
• Choice of connectors to suit you
• Smartphone app connectivity
• Safer and up to 3x faster than a 3 pin EV charging cable

Full terms and conditions apply, see

Charging your electric vehicle at home

Many customers prefer the convenience of a home charging unit. Nissan has partnered with two of the biggest EV charging installers in the UK – E-ON Drive and Pod Point, who offer a pre-selected range of quality home charging units with standard installation by reputable specialists. 

To support you moving to electric, you can include the cost of a home charging unit within the same single monthly payment for your car, spread over the term of the finance agreement. 

Spread The Cost

If you purchase a Nissan EV on a RCI Retail Finance agreement (36/48-month PCP/HP), the monthly car payment can now incorporate the cost of a 7kW EV home charger from a pre-selected range with standard installation. Quality Nissan approved charging units are available from £824, spread this cost over the length of your car finance agreement and enjoy the convenience of one simple monthly payment.

Charging your vehicle publicly

There are now more than 28,000 points across the country, and Scotland benefits from the highest density of chargers per person!

Rapid charging using CHAdeMO takes around 60 minutes from 20 to 80% in a 39kWh Nissan LEAF and around 90 minutes in a 59kWh LEAF e+. If you’re charging on the go, this is a convenient way to top up while you stop for lunch or a coffee.

Many public charging points in Scotland are free, depending on the council area or where the charger is located. Usually, public charging costs just a few pence per kWh or the cost can be reimbursed if you use the facilities where you’re parked. The charging network can be accessed using smartphone apps like Charge Place Scotland or Pod Point. You can also sign up for an RFID charging card via Charge Place Scotland which can be used to activate most public chargers. At 17p per kWh, which is an average rate at public chargers, a full charge on a 39kWh LEAF will only cost around £6.60 and provide you with up to 168 miles WLTP of driving range.

The average price of electricity is less than £3 per 100 miles, compared to around £10 per 100 miles in a petrol car.

Nissan Partners With Zap-Map

New Nissan ARIYA and Nissan LEAF customers, can now benefit from Nissan’s most recent EV partnership with Zap-Map, with a new introduction of a complimentary 3-year subscription to Zap-Map Premium.

This new offer is available to Nissan LEAF and New Nissan ARIYA customers with new registrations after the 1st September 2022 and is available through both cash and finance purchase terms and offers a saving of up to £7.99 a month or £287 over a 3-year term.

Zap-Map, is the UK’s leading charge point mapping service and offers drivers the ability to search, plan any also pay for EV charging. The Premium subscription offers enhanced features to help drivers plan quicker and drive smarter. As well as now having the largest live charging network data across the UK, Zap-Map is also available to use with Apple CarPlay integration.

Zap-Map has built a helpful guide on their website detailing how customer can activate the offer. This involves the customer first registering an account with Zap-Map followed by activating their subscription on their landing page.

To find out more, visit the Zap-Map website here

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