Nissan Electrification Training Event

Our Sales team has just returned from a very exciting couple of days in Spain, for our official Nissan Electrification training event.

They were put through their paces to further enhance their knowledge of all things Nissan brand, electric technology, hybrid, e-POWER, and e-4ORCE.

They thoroughly enjoyed several hours driving and experiencing the new products joining our Nissan line up this year and comparing them with various competitor vehicles whilst taking in the stunning Spanish mountains and villages. Throughout the event, our sales team got to experience a mixture of practical and hands-on driving tasks and also classroom-based learning to ensure their knowledge is premium and ready to share with customers.

All-New ARIYA certainly exceeded the high expectations we set for it. This vehicle oozes Nissan's distinctive Japanese DNA: Omotenashi, Iki, and Kabuku; meaning to offer more than what is expected, creating something new and cutting edge with a bold, diverse expression that goes against the common approach. ARIYA was phenomenal to drive and has accelerated us into a technologically advanced era in a very premium inviting cabin. We set off on the roads of Spain and started with some suburban driving, through local towns and then made our way up the Spanish mountains to further experience just what ARIYA can do. We must also say that the views offered were exceptional!

Nissan Electrification Training Event

e-POWER technology was excellent - like nothing we've ever experienced before and truly a technology unique to Nissan. The wheels were only powered by electric technology, making it a superior driving experience with instant torque and a quiet cabin, like a fully electric vehicle. The generator then re-charges the battery, removing any potential range or charging anxiety. e-POWER can even recognise when road noise is higher, so you're less likely to hear it operating. Now that is smart! e-POWER will be available on Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail.

e-4ORCE, a unique all-wheel drive system, will be available on ARIYA and X-Trail. We tested e-4ORCE capabilities in X-Trail by starting on a steep incline with a slippery surface, over extreme off-road terrain, and handling around tight bends at speed. The professional driving trainers told us to trust the car, and trust the technology. This car and its driving capabilities absolutely blew us away and smashed the competitor vehicles out of the park. X-Trail is awaiting official release so we don't have any further information to share at this stage.

Juke Hybrid is going to be an excellent first step into electrification for many of our customers who enjoy our unique Juke design. The vehicle is propelled by an electric motor, internal combustion engine, or both! When driving Juke Hybrid, we were specifically asked to drive the first lap of the course slowly. This is because up to a certain speed, Juke Hybrid can be propelled purely by electric power! We then drove the second lap 'competitively' and it handled brilliantly with surprising acceleration. Juke Hybrid knows exactly when to maximise power, when to benefit from regenerative braking and when to re-charge the battery.

Townstar was also on display at the event and from the quick preview we had, this is going to be an incredibly popular small van for our business customers. Townstar will be available as either a petrol combustion engine or fully electric vehicle.

This is going to be a very exciting year for us here at Nissan, and we look forward to bringing all our customers along for the ride!

Nissan ARIYA is available to order now and our exclusive preview event is coming soon. Book your place today to be one of the first UK customers to experience the force of wonder!

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