Nissan Introduces ARIYA to the Metaverse through electrified British art

Delivering a halo effect for the New Nissan ARIYA, Nissan has launched an innovative “Electrified Art” campaign, taking their first steps into the Metaverse and utilising their industry leading technology to create a standout experience.

Working with a WebXR enabled browser the campaign delivers a visual, interactive and entertaining art experience across multiple platforms including mobile, desktop and VR.

To activate the campaign, Nissan challenged five artists to draw images of the new all-electric ARIYA in five different locations around the UK, these included London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. The artists – Retro Manni (Birmingham), Tishk Barzanji (London), Janice Leung (Leeds), Neil Keating (Liverpool), and Antidote (Manchester) were all briefed to use their own unique design style to showcase an electrified interpretation of how the Nissan ARIYA is a ‘ray of hope’ within each of their cities. Although influenced by the Japanese inspired design embodied into the ARIYA, the artists included their own personal story, providing an authentic and expressive interpretation of the brief.

The artwork, showcased in digital and in large format outdoor sites, allows you to enter Nissan’s metaspace experience to explore the artwork by scanning the available QR code. Users will then be directed to the electrified art landing page where they can start to explore the room. The environment will automatically load and instructions given as how to connect two electric power leads together to open the artwork portal and move around the electrified city, the Nissan ARIYA will descend onto a platform in the centre of the room whilst users can explore each piece of art.


The metaspace is an online, 3D immersive experience. It can be accessed on mobile, web or in a full virtual reality experience via headset. Visitors to the metaspace can walk around and interact with the environment at their leisure, exploring our virtual space as they choose to.


Each artist had to take electrification as their starting point, and from that interpret what the New Nissan ARIYA (Nissan’s new 100% electric crossover), could mean for a cleaner, electrified world in their home cities. The result were electrified visions of their local cities, where the New Nissan ARIYA - its name translating to “A Ray of Hope” - helps spread the message of hope for a greener future, with fewer emissions through electrification. The metaspace then adds a literal new dimension to the artwork. Visitors can press a button and ‘electrify’ the artwork, having them spring to life and light up in a unique, 21st Century twist to the classic art gallery. The art is electrified through both the content and experience

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