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Electrifying driving experience

Thanks to its electric heart, the smart fortwo electric drive is the ideal car for anyone who wants to get around in the city without generating any local emissions.

The future is already on the move.

Whether you opt for a coupé or cabrio, with a 55 kW smart fortwo powered purely by electricity the future of mobility has arrived in Edinburgh.

A whole new feel.

Driving a smart with an electric motor is an exceptional driving experience in every respect. Not only does its electric drive make it kinder to the environment, it also makes it more fun to drive. The smart fortwo electric drive proves itself to be surprisingly dynamic, particularly when moving off and overtaking.

Electric motor.

The electric motor is economical by nature. Not only does it convert much of the energy directly into power, it can even recuperate part of it. The electric motor works as a generator that converts part of the surplus kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Less signs of wear

An electric motor offers a whole host of advantages compared with a conventional combustion engine. From a long-term perspective, the greatest advantage may well be that an electric motor consists of far fewer components and that these barely show any signs of wear.

Economical consumpton.

The electric drive is also economical when it comes to power consumption. This is because the smart fortwo electric drive consumes only 15.1 or 14.4 kWh per 62 miles, depending on whether the battery is charged at a domestic socket or a wallbox.

Fast charging.

Say goodbye to the filling station forever - with the smart fortwo electric drive, you can 'fill up' at any socket. Simply take out the charging cable, insert it and start charging - either at home or at one of the ever-growing public network of charging stations. Charging the smart fortwo electric drive is not only wonderfully simple, but fast as well. You decide just how fast.

Remote control.

you can use your smartphone, tablet or PC to manage many different functions. Before setting off, check on the state-of-charge and range of the battery, plan your departure and charging times and activate the pre-entry climate control for the interior.

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