The MyToyota App

The MyToyota app provides a set of connected services for your Toyota. Wherever you go, using the app on your smartphone, you can

communicate with your car to plan journeys from home, optimise your driving, regulate your car temperature remotely, and much more.*

Hybrid Coaching

Get the most out of your Hybrid and lower your fuel consumption

with Hybrid Driving Coaching. Offering you tailored feedback on your

braking, acceleration and speed, as well as tips to improve your driving

style to fully benefit from hybrid efficiencies.

Remote Control Features

Use climate control to easily defrost your car in winter months, as well as, pre-set your desired cabin temperature in advance of your travel - all from the comfort of your smartphone. Monitor your car battery status and schedule charging at a time that's convenient for you with remote control charging.

Find My Car

Quickly locate your parked Toyota, wherever you are. You can

also flash your hazard lights to help you find your Toyota even in the

busiest of car parks.

More MyToyota App Features

  • Driving Analytics - Retrieve past trip data and receive guidance to optimise your driving style.
  • Remote Charging - Enjoy the ultimate convenience of remotely monitoring your charge level and set your charging schedule of your BEV and PHEV.
  • EV Battery Management - Keep track of your EV's battery status.
  • Public Charging - Make charging as convenient as possible. Verify the status of the battery, find available charging points and schedule the charging of your vehicle.
  • Remote Lock - Be notified if you leave your vehicle unlocked and lock your car directly from the smartphone app for greater peace of mind.

*All features are model-dependant, please consult your local dealer for information on which features are available on your model