Toyota have re-joined the Taxi, PCO & Uber Programme

Toyota are delighted to announce that they have re-joined the Taxi, PCO and Uber Programme, offering competitive rebate rates, available across a wide range of Toyota vehicles.

Rebate Rates from 15% - 25%

Model range and pricing

Corolla Touring Sport 6 - 10 - 25 - 50
C-HR Plug In 6 - 10 - 25 - 50
Rav 4 Plug In 6 - 10 - 25 - 50
bZ4X 6 - 10 - 25 - 50
Proace Verso EV 6 - 10 - 25 - 50
Proace City Verso EV 6 - 10 - 25 - 50
Proace EV 6 - 10 - 25 - 50
Proace City EV 6 - 10 - 25 - 50

2024 is shaping up to be an exceptional year to re-join the Toyota Taxi, PCO, and Uber Programme, especially with Toyota's remarkable achievements across its versatile vehicle range. Toyota’s commitment to innovation, environmental compliance, and practical luxury have once again been spotlighted, earning numerous accolades that underscore their vehicles' market-leading positions and reliability.

First and foremost, the Toyota Prius, a long-time favourite among eco-conscious drivers, has claimed the prestigious 2024 World Car Design of the Year award. This honour not only highlights its aesthetic appeal and advanced design but also marks the Prius as an ideal choice for drivers who value style alongside sustainability. The redesigned Prius is celebrated for its engaging driving experience and emotional appeal, making it more than just a practical choice—it’s a vehicle drivers can genuinely enjoy and be proud to operate in a taxi or rideshare setting.

Additionally, the Toyota C-HR has captured attention with its dual wins at the Automotive Management (AM) awards. As the Best Hybrid and the New Car of the Year, the C-HR distinguishes itself with a plush, tech-filled interior and excellent real-world efficiency—attributes that promise comfort and cost-effectiveness for both drivers and passengers. Its "instant zip" and frugality make it a top pick for drivers looking to maximize earnings while keeping operational costs low.

For those requiring more space and versatility, the Toyota Proace City leads in the commercial van segment, recognized for its reliability and enhanced manufacturer support, including a longer warranty. It’s a top contender for anyone in the fleet or commercial driving space, proving to be a dependable, economical, and strong performer in rigorous daily operations.

Finally, the UK-built Toyota Corolla has earned accolades from the What Car? Awards, with both the Hatchback and Touring Sports models praised for their sensible running costs, superb ride quality, and user-friendly interiors. These models are particularly suited for taxi and rideshare drivers due to their blend of space, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring passenger comfort and satisfaction on every trip.

With Toyota continuously pushing the envelope on reliability, technological integration, and overall driver and passenger experience, joining or rejoining the Toyota Taxi, PCO, and Uber Programme in 2024 seems a smart business move. Whether you prioritize environmental credentials, passenger comfort, or driving pleasure, Toyota’s award-winning lineup is designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s professional driver. Each model not only complies with evolving emissions standards but also excels in delivering performance, making them fit perfectly within the eco-focused frameworks of modern cities. If you’re considering a partnership that combines prestige with practicality, Toyota’s latest offerings make a compelling case for why they should be your first choice.

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