Air Conditioning Service

Available from only £72.95

The Benefits Of Having This Work Undertaken Every Two Years:

Improved fuel economy. As the refrigerant in the system permeates through the joints, the levels drop which in turn will keep the compressor engaged. This results in the system having to work harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Internal corrosion develops due to moisture in the system taking up the space of the missing refrigerant which can result in component failure and the associated costs of repairing any failed parts.

Air Conditioning Service includes:

  • System check which includes belt, compressor and condenser
  • Vacuum A/C system
  • Recover any existing refrigerant fro the system
  • Full post re-gas system test
  • Regas A/C system with refrigerant to specific levels
  • Air refresh treatment to remove fungus and bacteria

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The Secret To Clean Air - Pollen Filters

Enjoy clean, fresh air every time you drive. Toyota Cabin filters block air pollutants from entering the interior of your car, leaving you fresh and healthy air to breathe.

The pollen/cabin filter plays an important role in your vehicle, by removing pollen particles from the outside air before it's passed into the cabin via your air conditioning or heater system.

Should the pollen filter be left for too long before replacing it will become clogged, choking the airflow entering the vehicle and will cause a reduction in the performance of your air conditioning and a musty smell. Like any filter it’s important to replace the cabin air filter regularly. Your cabin air filter should be inspected every 10,000 miles, to ensure that the performance of your car’s air conditioning or heater system remains optimal

Your driving environment can increase the frequency of air filter replacements; for instance if you predominately drive in congested a congested city, the life-cycle of your cabin air filter may be reduced.

Take advantage of our Free Winter Health Check and book your vehicle in for a Free Vehicle Safety Health Check Report carried out by a Toyota trained technician, including a report on the condition of your Pollen/Cabin Filter.

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