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What Is The Difference Between Summer And Winter Car Tyres?

Their structure, their rubber compound and their tread pattern. Winter tyres are made differently compared to summer tyres, don't be fooled! Winters of course have increased grip for the trickier road conditions, keeping you safer out on the road!

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How To Know If Your Tyres Require Attention:

Thread Test

Place a 20p coin in the main tread grooves of your tyre (within the central three-quarters of the tread). If the outer band of the coin is hidden by the rubber, then your tread is above the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Tyre Match 

Check that your tyres match by looking at the tread pattern and make of each tyre. Make sure the tread and patterns look exactly the same so that you have well balanced grip.

Wheel Wobble 

If your steering wheel vibrates at around 40-50mph, one or more of your wheels may need balancing or replacing.

Steering Pull

If your car seems to be slowly veering in one direction then either your tracking is out, your tyre pressures are unequal or the treads on the front tyres do not match.

Sidewall Damage 

Check the sides of the tyres for any cracks, splits or blisters; this usually happens on older tyres and it means they need replacing.

Tyre Markings

The markings on its sidewall can be confusing but contain important information about the tyre.

Winter Tyres Now At Western Toyota

Order your Winter tyres now and keep you and your family safe on the road this Winter.

Winter Weather Tyres FAQ

Aren't Winter Weather tyres only for when it really snows heavily?

Definitely not. All modern winter weather tyres are designed for optimal safety below 7°C, in the cold, wet, ice and snow. They will provide much higher levels of traction in snowy conditions and offer superior performance in all winter conditions.

Do I need to replace all my tyres with Winter Weather tyres if I only have a front wheel drive?

Yes, with the improved grip available from winter weather tyres, it is essential that all four tyres be replaced at the same time. The car may skid or be more difficult to control if only two Winter Weather tyres are fitted to one of the axles.

When driving on Winter Weather tyres can I drive at my normal speed?

Winter weather tyres, by design, may have a slightly lower speed rating than standard tyres. For example, a Winter Weather tyre that has an H rating has a maximum speed of 131mph. This should not compromise your driving in winter conditions.

Do Winter Weather tyres wear out quicker?

No, winter weather tyres are designed to perform and last better in colder conditions.

When should I change back to my standard tyres?

It is recommended that in March, when average temperatures should be nearing 7°C in the morning, you should change back to standard tyres.

What's the best way to store my standard tyres during the winter?

Each tyre should be stored in its own bag, making it easier and cleaner to store at home. It is recommended that you stack your tyres so that they are lying flat on the ground horizontally. If you would like to discuss winter weather tyre storage recommendations, please contact your local Dealer.

Will Winter Weather Tyres cost me more money?

Investing in winter weather tyres and alternating between them and your standard tyres can increase the lifespan of both sets, saving you money by requiring replacements less frequently.

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