A Memorable Day with Arctic Trucks at Toyota Newbridge

Our Toyota Newbridge dealership had the privilege of hosting Carrim from Arctic Trucks, a day that proved to be as exhilarating as it was enlightening. Arctic Trucks, for those unfamiliar, is not just any automotive company; it's an institution that redefines the boundaries of what is possible in vehicle engineering and performance, particularly in extreme conditions. Their collaboration with Toyota has produced some of the most rugged, dependable vehicles on the planet, epitomized by the Hilux AT35 we had the honour of showcasing. We were lucky enough to be visited by Carrim from Arctic Trucks this Thursday 22nd February. 

From the moment Carrim arrived, his passion for these remarkable vehicles was infectious. He was here not just as a representative but as a true enthusiast, eager to share the capabilities of the Hilux AT35. Our test drive journey began in the bustling streets of Newbridge, where even the unpredictable Scottish weather—wet, windy, with occasional hailstones—could not dampen our spirits. Frankly, The AT35 scoffed at the Scottish weather's futile attempts to challenge it.  As we navigated through the busy area, the AT35 was as composed on the tarmac as you’d expect any Toyota to be, yet it promised so much more.

As we delved deeper into the features of the Hilux AT35, Carrim’s expertise shone through. He detailed the vehicle's bespoke enhancements, including its increased ride height, the wider wheel arches that accommodate the beefier tyres, and the upgraded suspension system. Each feature is meticulously designed to enhance the vehicle's off-road capability without compromising on comfort or drivability on the road. It was clear that this vehicle is not just a tool but a testament to the engineering prowess of Arctic Trucks and Toyota's commitment to quality and reliability.

The real test came as we ventured onto the open motorway, allowing the Hilux AT35 to flex its muscles. The power under the hood was palpable, but it was the seamless transition onto Edinburgh's notorious bumpy backroads that left us truly impressed. Here, the 35-inch tyres and the specially engineered suspension came into their own, making light work of potholes that would have other vehicles wincing. Carrim pointed out that the AT35 is designed not just for the everyday but for the extraordinary, capable of taking on virtually any terrain without breaking a sweat. Indeed, the day's challenging weather seemed almost a coordinated test, yet one that was futile against the might of the AT35.

Our day with Carrim and the Hilux AT35 was more than just a test drive; it was a vivid demonstration of what happens when two industry leaders join forces to push the limits of automotive excellence. For anyone considering a vehicle that offers unparalleled versatility, durability, and performance, the Hilux AT35 stands as a beacon of what is achievable. It was a day of learning, excitement, and, above all, a reaffirmation of why we, at Toyota Newbridge, are proud to stand behind such an exceptional offering.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Carrim for his insights, enthusiasm, and for making the inclement Scottish weather seem like a mere backdrop to the capabilities of the Hilux AT35. For those inspired by the prospect of owning a vehicle that refuses to recognize boundaries, we invite you to experience the Hilux AT35 for yourself. Discover why, when it comes to conquering the elements and the road less travelled, the Hilux AT35 by Arctic Trucks is in a league of its own.

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