Survey reveals top reasons for arguments while driving

A recent survey of drivers has unveiled who the most annoying car passengers are, as well as the most common causes of arguments.

The survey, carried out in January 2022 by, asked drivers to rate their most annoying passengers.

Spouses and partners topped the poll – more than twice as annoying as children. One third of women say their husbands and boyfriends are the most annoying passengers.

• Wives – 12.8% of drivers agree

• Husbands – 11.4% of drivers agree

• Daughters – 7.3% of drivers agree

• Mothers - 6.7% of drivers agree

• Boyfriends – 6.4% of drivers agree

Men voted the best at giving directions

According to respondents, male passengers are typically better at giving directions than women, with 40% agreeing that husbands, fathers, boyfriends, and sons are the best navigators, compared to only 25% agreeing the same for wives, mothers, girlfriends and daughters.

Most common cause of arguments

Backseat driving is the biggest cause of arguments, followed by giving the wrong directions and getting lost.

Most common reasons for arguments:

• Backseat driving

• Wrong directions

• Getting lost

• Passengers distracting the driver

• Forgetting something and turning back

Did you know that the type of car you drive might impact how often you argue? According to the poll, manual car drivers are almost twice as likely to argue than automatic car drivers.

Who’s in control?

When it comes to setting the temperature inside the car, women are in control. But men, specifically husbands, typically control the music playlist.

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