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The Volkswagen Up! is a convenient, attractive and reliable car built for urbanites who need a car but are also aware of the limitations of space in major cities. With the Up!, you’ll be able to choose from four models with 1.0lt three-cylinder petrol engines with a 59bhp engine, a 74bhp, 89bhp and a 113nhp turbo. Moreover, any perspective buyer will also be granted the opportunity to purchase the car in regular or stop-start format which successfully improves fuel economy and lowers the CO2 emissions.
Additionally, a key attraction of the Up is its excellent drive. Despite being a smaller car, it is extremely controlled over speed bumps (something which is very useful in a city). This ensures that the driver has an enjoyable experience when travelling, and in a busy city, with lots of traffic this is a vital concern for consumers. The car’s greatest strength however is it’s handling which is vastly superior to its other city rivals and accentuates its sophistication. The steering is precise enough to make manoeuvres easy at a slow speed, but the weight of the wheel also enables the driver to feel confident on faster and more difficult roads.
Internally, the controls are designed well, and tall drivers will, have an advantage of being able to adjust the seats to maximise comfort. The front view is also excellent because of the Up’s trim interior which removes any potential obstructions and affords the user a clear driving experience. This upmarket interior makes the Up a welcome addition to the city car marketplace. A final point to note, is that the Up also comes in a eco-friendlier model the e-Up. This is very attractive to urbanites, who tend to identify strongly with environmental causes and also for individuals who may just want to use the car within the city and not for long excursions.

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