BMW Winter Wheel Sets

Specifically designed to resist the hardening that occurs in temperatures below 7 degrees. BMW Cold Weather Complete Wheel Sets last longer and provide cost-effective winter monitoring.

They also provide extra grip and firmer braking, to keep you safer on wet, icy, and snow-covered roads.

Ensure your BMW is prepared for this Winter. Browse options below.

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Our Discounted Sets

​1 Series

​Model​F40 & F44
Wheel Style​550 M Double Spoke
Tyre Description ​Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 r-f*
Colour​Ferric Grey 
Size​7.7J x 17"

​Offer RRP inc VAT: £2,400.00

​3 Series

​ModelG20, G21, G22, G23 & G42
Wheel Style778 V-Spoke
Tyre Description ​Hankook Winter icept evo2*
ColourReflex Silver
Size7.5J x 17"

​Offer RRP inc VAT: £1,792.00

​4 Series

​ModelG20, G21, G22, G23 & G42
Wheel Style796 M Performance Double Spoke
Tyre Description ​Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 r-f*
ColourJet Black Matt
Size7.5J x 18"

​Offer RRP inc VAT: £2,400.00


​ModelF48 & F39
Wheel Style711 M Y-Spoke
Tyre Description ​Continental Winter Contact TS830P*
ColourFerric Grey
Size6.5J x 18"

​Offer RRP inc VAT: £2,240.00


​ModelG01 & G02
Wheel Style691 V-Spoke
Tyre Description Nokian Tyres HKPL R5 EV SilentDrive
ColourReflex Silver
Size7.5J x 19"

​Offer RRP inc VAT: £3,220.00


ModelG05 & G06
Wheel Style734 V-Spoke
Tyre DescriptionContinental Winter Contact TS860S SSR*
ColourReflex Silver
Size9J x 19"

Offer RRP inc VAT: £2,900.00

*Terms & conditions apply. Summer tyres must be uplifted as no option for storage.

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